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Hey wise-people friends, "Realme and Oppo phones, do you just use those themes? The following bassnations share references, various premium themes that you can try according to your wishes, with ColorOS 5 and ColorOS 6 support on Realme and Oppo smartphones, guaranteed to be cool and cool when installed on your Realme and Oppo phones.

We have tried the best collection of oppo realme themes to pass the test drive on ColorOS 5.2 and ColorOS 6, and can be used normally, as well as through various icon packs, to applications such as contacts, WhatsApp, Youtube, and others.

Prepare the Android RAR compressed file application before downloading the best free Oppo Realme themes. Buddy can see the features and design of the theme spoiler,

Without further ado, the following premium Realme and Oppo themes are suitable for friends of Realme and Oppo smartphone users who complain about the mediocre ColorOS theme. Instinct wants to try a cool theme that is unique, elegant, and charming.

1. Themes Android 10

Themes Android Q / Android 10 or Customized Android themes that you should try on your OPPO and REALME phones. You must try the simple iconpack display design if you like Clean, Simple and trendy themes. Please see the picture above for the design and for the features, you can see the following.

Themes Realme Android 10 os 5 

Futures Options: - Contracts UI, settings, SMS style, file manager - Full Interface Android 10 - Lock screen style - Weather widget 4x2

2. RealmeOS V2 Themes

RealmeOS V2 theme, Although this theme has not been officially launched by Realme, you can try it with a very cool, clean, simple design, easy modern, trendy and neat iconpack. You can see the features below.

Features Options:
- Small 4x2 digital clock and weather widget (Realme OS)
- Apps: Youtube, music, Game Area, Assistant Display, etc.
- Interface: SMS, contacts, settings, alarm
- LockScreen Type Realme OS
- Easy background images, New Iconpack V2


Even though the GALAXY ONE UI theme is a bit old school, it's still cool, so it's a recommended theme for now. Because the unique unique iconpack of the latest SAMSUNG makes this theme still widely requested and downloaded by users. You can see the full features below.

Downloads Themes GALAXY ONE UI

Option Features: - Lockscreen Type One UI - Navigation buttons bar - Icon Pack 3.1 New, System UI Controls - Wallpaper

4. iPhone 11 5G+ UI (Dengan Tampilan 5G+)

just released Themes iPhone 11 5G+ UI, but a lot of people like this one theme, friend, the typical design of the iPhone 11, With the appearance of the 5G+ network but the network is still 4G+, mate, perfect for friends who want to prank their friends hehehe. full features please see below.
Opsi Features:
- iOS 13 lock screen style & full weather widget, search box
- Recents menu, flashlight, floating assistant, etc.
- Moded App: Youtube, WhatsApp, contacts, messages and many others.
- Original 5G+ Network Display (4G)
- New iOS 13 iconpack guaranteed to penetrate popular apps!

5. Themes MIUI 10 Dark Edition

If you are bored with the usual MIUI 10 theme, you should try the MIUI 10 Dark Version theme with a dark interface that has made this theme popular so far, many users still accuse. Curious? Check out the full features below.

Downloads MIUI 10 Dark Realme Themes OS 5

MIUI 10 Dark Realme Themes OS 6

Opsi Features
- Clock Widget, MIUI Weather, Fast Searchbox & Small Weather
- Whatsapp, phone calls, contacts, etc.
- MIUI 10 Typical screen lock
- System and user interface background images (DARK MODE)

6. PIXEL 4 (Memiliki desain mirip Google Pixel 4)

PIXEL Four Themes or themes taken from the Google Pixel 4 interface design, For those of you who like the Google Pixel iconpack and UI, you need to try the PIXEL 4 theme, Guaranteed all translucent iconpacks such as WA mods are also available on this one theme, the following complete features this.Downloads Realme Theme PIXEL 4 os 5
Opsi Features:
- Free lock screen can change wallpaper
- User interface settings, latest wallpapers
- Translucent iconpack Translucent current applications
- CLOCK & Weather Widget
- Android P Google Pixel style navigation

7. Themes BlackShark 3

If you have used Blackshark Theme before and liked the design, Maybe you should update the theme, BlackShark 3 Themes is better than before, Some bugs have been fixed. The iconpack is guaranteed to be transparent, friend, even to the system UI and whatsapp. You can see all the full features below. Download 
Realme Themes BlackShark 3 os 5

Opsi Features:
- Small digital clock and 4x2 weather widget (black shark)
- Interface: contacts, SMS / MMS, recent menu, settings and more.
- Apps: WhatsApp (Translucent), Music, Youtube, etc.
- LockScreen Type (this function works with ColorOS 5)
- Background images (dark), Black Shark 3 Iconpack (Guaranteed See-through), & System UI Menu

8. Themes EMUI 10 2019

EMUI 10 theme display Simple but trendy system ui design from iconpack, and translucent works well, See the full features below. Download 

Realme Themes EMUI 10 os 5

Opsi Features:
- full icon EMUI 10
- Huawei ringtones
- Lockscreen Type (Work ColorOS 5)
- Widgets (clock, Google search, weather and EMUI widgets)
- Navigation (Back, Home, Recent Apps)Android 9 Style

9. Themes Tampilan UI Games PUBG

Do you like PUBG Mobile games? Now comes the theme that looks like PUBG Mobile on your OPPO and REALME smartphones. The theme modification is in the system UI menu, it has been fixed, 100% fixed, my friend can use it well, the features themselves can be seen below. 
Opsi Features:
- Small weather widget, 4x2 clock
- Interface, contacts, phone, SMS, launcher, etc.
- PUBG backgrounds, icon packs, navigation bar (PUBG icons)
- Lock screen Type + Animation Cost Turbo!


Finally, the SAMSUNG GALAXY (NOUGAT SERIES) theme, not One UI, friend, If you have used the Observe Noguat version of the Galaxy Note 8 / Note 9 then you already know the appearance of the iconpack provided, right, so far, the theme with the SAMSUNG iconpack under One UI is still many people like it. Personally this theme is also very cool to use on your oppo and realme.Download Realme Theme SAMSUNG GALAXY (NOGUAT SERIES) OS 5

Note: Just a warning, friend, the theme above admin only checks on ColorOS 5.2 and ColorOS 6, if you are using an older version it may not work, or it can but will not be optimal / there will be bugs in the theme. For the download hyperlink, click on the title above!

Cara Set up instalasi Themes

  1. Unduh dan ekstrak tema yang sobat inginkan
  2. Sebelum instalasi, Pastikan sobat menghapus data 'Theme Storenya' dahulu yah caranya masuk ke Info Apl> Hapus data
  3. Jika sudah, Silahkan pasang tema (pilih uji coba 5 menit),Setelah berhasil mengubah tema, pastikan untuk hapus data kembali pada Aplikasi Theme Storenya.
  4. Selesai, Sekarang sobat bisa menikmati tema premium secara permanent everlasting!

Berikut yang menyebabkan Themes sering terdeteksi uji coba habis

  • Pembaruan OTA
  • Pembaruan Aplikasi di Latar belakarang
  • Pembaruan Aplikasi di Google Play
  • Lupa menghapus data Theme Store setelah menerapkan tema (Wajib hapus data bagi pengguna ColorOS 6).
Gimana Sob, Tertarik mencicipi 10 Tema diatas? Jika belum menemukan tema yang cocok selera agan? Tenang aja sobat, Admin masih memiliki berbagai desain Tema keren untuk sobat pengguna Realme dan OPPO, Terus pantau bassnations bakal membagikan tema-tema keren lagi, Ditunggu Tema rekomendasi lainnya dilain waktu ya sob jika banyak request maka admin bakalan segera update.

makasih udah baca koleksi Themes Keren ini, Pastikan sobat tinggalkan jejak komentar jika ada kendala bug tautan error, corrupt atau hal lainnya yang membuat tema ini tidak bisa digunakan, agar segera diperbaiki. Saya harap ideas tips smartphone Realme dan Oppo bisa membantu sobat menemukan solusi yang dicari. sekian, jangan lupa untuk membagikan tema ini ke teman sobat ya.