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Using Google Camera Mod without Root on ASUS Max Pro M1

[Guide] Using Google Camera Mod without Root on ASUS Max Pro M1 The best: Without removing the warranty When Google launched the Nexus 5, its users were quite confused because there was a function on the Google Camera application that was always on, namely HDR +. At the same time, they realized that when using HDR +, the captured images were better than when they were turned off. Jumping two years later, Google launched a Pixel smartphone that was quite shaken because of the camera's very slick results. Of course, this was achieved thanks to the Google Camera application which has HDR + facilities. At almost the same time, Xiaomi issued a smartphone with the name Mi 5s. Mi 5s have similarities with Google Pixels in terms of specifications. The camera sensor used is the same, namely the Sony IMX 378 which has large sensor dimensions. A Russian developer named BSG took this opportunity by porting Google Camera exclusively for Pixels and Nexus so that it could run on Xiao

Download Google Camera 7.2 Astrophotography Support All Android

Astrophotography Gcam Pixel 4 GCam 7.2 astrophotography After the official release of the latest mobile phones, Google Pixel 4 and 4XL, it turned out that Google Camera aka GCam is also getting the latest update called Google Camera 7.2. The latest update welcomes the presence of this operating system Android 10. Google says that version 7.2 of Google Camera is much better and more sophisticated than previous versions. We can recognize it from several new functions of version 7.2: New look. Supports video recording with the H.265 / HEVC codec. Photo coaching. Astrophotography mode. And much more. GCam Astrophotography Astrophotography Among the many new functions available in Pixel 4 and 4XL. The astrophotography function becomes a privileged function that allows us to photograph stars (at night) without using a telescope. This is possible because GCam 7.2 is already equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to process photos so that they are better. Google Camera Mo

Download and install Google Camera Redmi Note 8

Installing and downloading GCam Redmi Note 8 - Google Camera or GCam is currently one of the most popular camera mods. GCam provides better image quality than the standard camera. To install GCam, your smartphone must be activated via the Camera2 API. The latest GCam or Google Camera mod for Redmi Note 8 works on Android Pie and Android 10. This mod was developed by parrot043, one of the most popular developers for the GCam mod. Almost all functions work perfectly in the latest version of Google Camera APK (GCam) 7 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. Astrophotography is a popular feature of GCam . This function was introduced in Google Camera 7.0.009. On the Redmi Note 8, this function works well with this version of GCam as well as with other functions such as HDR +, ZSL, Super Res Zoom, night vision, slow motion, time-lapse, etc. Google Camera Redmi Note 8 functionality Most features of Google Camera work well with Redmi Note 8, here are some key features of the latest GCam. HDR +

Suggested Versions of GCamera Port all devices

  Download Google Camera Port (GCam) APK One of the best parts of Google Pixel phones is the Google Camera app (also known as "GCam") and in particular the features it contains. However, the application and its functions are only limited to Pixel / Nexus phones and cannot be installed directly on other OEM devices. Thanks to some independent developers, it is now possible to use all the functions of your Android device via the Google camera port . With this article, you can download the most stable Google camera port for your Android device. If you are completely new to the whole range, we recommend that you read the following information before downloading the port for your device. Google camera port information What is the Google camera port? - "Google Camera Mod" (also known as "GCam Port", "GCam Mod" or " Google Camera Mod ") is a ported version of the official Google Camera application that can be installed on devices

How to overcome Google AdSense identity verification error

Tips for Overcoming AdSense Identity Verification Failure (Submit KTP) This time, I want to share my experience with other publishers (publishers) on how to deal with the failure of Google AdSense identity verification. I have voluntarily written this article so that they can resubmit their identity cards (KTP / SIM / Passport) previously rejected by Google AdSense so that the confirmation button does not reappear. As mentioned by Google AdSense, they limit the number of verification efforts to avoid abuse. This means that we only have a few options to verify identity (submit an identification). Google AdSense also does not indicate how often the review effort can be made. If you only want to complete a review, you must use an identifier that meets the requirements of Google AdSense. Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the procedures before trying to verify your identity using one of your identifiers. Regarding the terms of the document that was rec