Suggested Versions of GCamera Port all devices

Suggested Versions of GCamera Port all devices

Download Google Camera Port (GCam) APK
One of the best parts of Google Pixel phones is the Google Camera app (also known as "GCam") and in particular the features it contains. However, the application and its functions are only limited to Pixel / Nexus phones and cannot be installed directly on other OEM devices.
Thanks to some independent developers, it is now possible to use all the functions of your Android device via the Google camera port. With this article, you can download the most stable Google camera port for your Android device.

If you are completely new to the whole range, we recommend that you read the following information before downloading the port for your device.

Google camera port information

What is the Google camera port? - "Google Camera Mod" (also known as "GCam Port", "GCam Mod" or "Google Camera Mod") is a ported version of the official Google Camera application that can be installed on devices without pixels. By installing ports on supported devices, users can take advantage of all the features of the Google camera such as HDR +, portrait mode, movies, night vision and astrophotography mode.

A little story from Google Camera Port - The scene originally opened when XDA member Charles_I introduced the NX camera app in 2016. It is essentially the official Google Camera app port for the original Pixel (XL) device released in 2016. The app has successfully transferred features such as HDR + with ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag) to the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

Shortly after, developers like BSG and Arnova8G2 took the place and carried the same functions on other non-Pixel / Nexus devices equipped with Snapdragon processors. Since then, the developer has been able to transfer most of the special functions of the Pixel camera, such as the portrait mode of Pixel 2 and Night Sight of Pixel 3, to other non-Pixel devices.

Current status - In 2019, around 40 developers are currently working on board to carry the latest Google Camera apps. Recent developments include the successful backporting of the new Pixel 4 astrophotography mode via the GCam 7.x port.

The port is hosted by Celso Azevedo on his personal blog, where he likes to save files related to Android devices, including this port. Celso does it because he likes to do it, and it also helps collect all the ports in one place so it's easily accessible to others. To learn more about the website, please visit this page.

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Download Google Camera Port (GCam) APK

Download the Google camera port

Which Google camera port is best for your specific Android device? The answer is not simple. This project is not universal, so there is not a single port that works on all devices. There are several developers in this project, some can only develop, test, and deploy ports for the devices they have personally. On the other hand, some developers offer more general ports that work on a variety of Android OEM devices. Let me detail it further; Some ports may work on one Android device, but not on another. This can sometimes be caused by different hardware or software.

It can be difficult to find the latest and most stable Google camera port for your Android device. This is why we have kept this "Google Hub Camera Port" constantly updated and provided links to download the latest and most stable GCam ports for a variety of different OEM devices. At the same time, we offer additional links to the GCAM XDA wire groups / special telegrams and the associated tutorial: we strongly recommend that you visit the corresponding support wire to find the best configuration/camera parameters (XML configuration file ) for your phone.

Note: If you have a problem with the port provided, contact the appropriate XDA support thread for your device. If you find a newer port version that works better in terms of functionality and stability, please let us know.

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How do I install Google Camera Port?

Since GCam ports are available as APK files, they can be easily installed on supported devices. The only requirement is that your Android device supports the Camera2 API. If you are unsure whether your device supports it or not, check it using the instructions in this post.

Follow the instructions below to install Google Camera Port on your Android device.

  • Download the Google Camera Port APK for your Android device.
  • Connect your mobile phone to the PC with a USB cable.
  • Activate MTP mode (File Transfer) on your mobile phone.
  • Copy the downloaded GCam APK file to the phone memory.
  • Disconnect the phone from the PC.
  • Open the file management application on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the location where the APK file is copied/downloaded.
  • Tap the Google Camera APK file to launch the package installer.
  • Grant permission to allow third-party applications to be installed if necessary.
  • Allow third-party applications to be installed
  • To do this, press "Settings" and activate the "Allow from this source" switch.
  • Finally, click "Install" to install the Google Camera Port on your phone.
  • Install the Google Camera Port on Android

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After installation, go directly to the application drawer and start the application.

XML configuration file in the Google camera port

Some GCam ports offer the option of exporting and importing camera parameters / configurations in the form of XML files (also commonly referred to as “configuration files”, “XML configuration”, etc.). Some users and developers often share pre-set camera application settings to give others a stable camera experience on their Android devices. These files are provided directly by the developers on their download pages or released in XDA threads and device-specific telegram groups.

If you are not yet familiar with all ported scenes, we strongly recommend downloading and loading / importing the configuration file in order to achieve optimal camera settings. From there you can adjust your settings as needed.

The following are the steps for importing and exporting XML configuration files into Google Camera Port.

How do I load / import an XML configuration file?

Download the XML configuration file for the GCam port you are using.
Open the file management application on your Android device.
Create a new "GCam" folder in the root directory (e.g. outside of all folders) of your phone's internal storage.
How to import XML configuration files into GCam - Create
Now create the following folder depending on the version of the port used:
GCam 6.x: Create a new "Configuration" folder in the "GCam" folder.
GCam 7.x: Create a new folder "Configs7" in the folder "GCam".
This is the folder in which the XML configuration file is transferred.
How to import XML configuration files into GCam - Create
Copy the downloaded XML configuration file to "/ GCam / Configs" or "/ GCam / Configs7" depending on the version used.
Start Google Camera Port and double-tap the area around the shutter.
Double-tap the area near the shutter
The Select Configuration dialog box appears on the screen.
Tap the drop-down menu and select the configuration file you want to load.
Select the configuration file and click the "Restore" button to load the configuration XML file
Finally, click the "Restore" button to import the XML configuration file into GCam.
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As soon as the configuration is loaded, the camera application is restarted with the specified parameters. Sometimes you have to load the configuration twice, but only in a few mods.

How do I save/export an XML configuration file?
Once you have found the optimal settings for the specific Google camera connection for your device, you can save it as an XML file. You can then release the configuration file in the XDA forum or in the telegram group to help other users.

Save/export XML configuration files to the Google camera port

Once you find the optimal settings for the specific Google camera port for your device, you can save them as an XML file. You can then release the configuration file on the XDA forum or in the telegram group to help other users.

last words
It can be difficult, sometimes frustrating, to find a stable GCam port for your Android device, especially if you are new to the scene. And this is where our Google Camera Hub helps you. Not only will you get a link to download the latest and most stable GCam port for your device, but you will also learn from top to bottom how to install and use that port.

If you think we are missing a device that supports ports, or if there is a newer, more stable version than the one listed here, please let us know.

So just download Google Camera Port for your non-pixel Android device. Take advantage of all the features of the pixel camera like HDR +, animated photos, portrait mode, night vision, and even the astrophotography mode of Pixel 4 this year. We cannot finish this post without thanking all the developers who contributed to the scene carried by GCam. Thank you Arnova8G2, BSG, cstark27, Parrot043, san1ty, Tolyan009, Urnyx05, and others!

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