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Wipe Data Oppo Realme always request password

How to Fix Oppo Realme Erase Data Request a password during a hard reset. If smartphone users forget the password, password, screen pattern, or PIN, the final selection is a hard reset. However, if you do a hard reset, you will be asked for a password or screen pattern that we do not know. Actually, you can't solve the problem of deleting Oppo data and asking for the original password during hard reset just yet. We have asked this for a while in the Developer.xda group forum, but the answer cannot avoid the security combined with this smartphone. But don't worry, it can still lock passwords, pins, and screen patterns without performing a hard reset. The Oppo & Realme smartphone itself has a function to forget passwords or reset passwords through Gmail. So if you forgot your password / pin / screen pattern, please delete the data but ask for a password you don't know. You can use the following methods without having to delete data or enter recovery mode.

Tutorial Install kinemaster on Laptop Without Emulator

Tutorial Install kinemaster on Laptop Without Emulator - Kinemaster is software that makes it easy to edit or edit videos. It is equipped with many interesting kinemaster functions. Kinemaster can not only edit videos but also convert photo files to animated videos. With Kinemaster function, a collection of photos can be used as a collection of videos and you can add animation effects. Kinemaster is an app that works on Android. So if you want to edit videos then use Kinemaster. You need to download Kinemaster from the Playstore. You can run Kinemaster with emulators like Nox, Bluestack, and others on a PC. Downloading Kinemaster for PC without emulator is the most unique method because you can run Kinemaster without the emulator. You can download the Kinemaster app for free. and you can also use it directly without paying. In this free version, however, the results of your Kinemataster watermark for video editing are displayed at the top of the video. Of course, thi

How to enable fingerprint sensor and face unlock in Realme 5

How to enable fingerprint sensor and face unlock in Realme 5 , Two commonly used security features These two functions have become mandatory and general provisions even for entry-level smartphones. With the fingerprint sensor and face scanner, users can lock the device, lock the app, and perform payment and bank authentication. Both functions are provided in Realme 5 but are always inactive by default. You have to activate one or both. Steps to activate the fingerprint sensor Open the Settings menu and then tap Fingerprint, Face, and Password. Then tap Fingerprint. Then tap Add fingerprint. Before you start inserting your fingerprint, your phone will first ask you to enter your master PIN. I'm not showing because the system doesn't allow screenshots of these steps. After creating the master PIN code, insert the fingerprint several times by gluing and lifting the fingerprint several times until the system displays a successful notification. If so,