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Download Google Camera 7.3 for OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro

After following the killer’s flagship, the company launched its next-generation smartphones, known as the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The real flagship is an ultra-smooth screen, wireless charging, IP68 water resistance, and upgraded cameras.
GCam 7.3 for OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 is conquering the market with the three-lens camera setup, while its big brother is expecting a four-camera setup. One of the most important highlights of the smartphone is its camera, which can be further improved with the Google Camera app (from pixel 4). You can download Google Camera for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro here.

Google Camera for OnePlus 8 Pro [GCam 7.3]

The camera is one of the biggest areas for improvement compared to the previously presented OnePlus 7. In terms of optics, the OnePlus 8 Pro has a 48-megapixel main camera sensor with 8 MP telephoto lens, 48 ​​MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and 5 MP color filter camera. By default, the camera app captures images with 12 MP groups.

However, thanks to the 4-in-1 pixel grouping technology, you can take full 48 MP photos. The standard camera app on OnePlus phones works well in most conditions, but in low light conditions, the Google camera app is much better than the standard camera app.

The Google Camera app is one of the best alternatives to the standard camera app. Fortunately, there are a large number of developers who port the app to work with newly launched phones. Fortunately, the GCam Mod is now available for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

In terms of functions, the port supports astrophotography mode, night vision mode, PhotoSphere, slow motion, playground (AR sticker), RAW support, HDR + mode, panorama, and blur of the lens, portrait mode (with focus control), Google lens mode and a few others. Here's how to download and install GCam on OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

Download Google Camera for OnePlus 8 (Pro).

As already mentioned, the camera receives a major update compared to the OnePlus cell phones previously presented. You can load the GCam application sideways to take full advantage of the configuration with four cameras.

This time the app was ported by UltraM8 (while the information on this port was shared by the XDA TV host (MaxWinebach) on his Twitter account to work with other phones. Fortunately, it works on OnePlus. Pro 8 Although the Vanilla OnePlus 8 supports the latest port from Urnyx05, here is the download link.

Download Google Camera for OnePlus 8 (GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v1.8.apk) 

Download GCam for OnePlus 8 Pro (UltraCVM_v4.apk) 
After downloading the app, download the configuration file from the next section to make the app work smoothly.

Recommended settings:

For UltraCVM_v4.apk & GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v1.8.apk

Configuration file for OnePlus 8 - here 

Configuration file for OnePlus 8 Pro - here  
After downloading the configuration file of your OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro.
Go to the file manager and create a new folder called GCam.
Open the GCam folder and create another folder called configs7.
Now paste the configuration file into the configs7 folder.

When you're done, open the Google Camera app and double-tap the black blank area next to the shutter button.
Tap the displayed settings that are available in the pop-up window and tap the Restore button.
Go back to the app drawer and open the app again.
Here you can check the comparison between the standard camera app and the Google camera app.

google camera 7.0 apk google camera 7.0 apk

How To Install Google Camera On OnePlus 8 (Pro)

  • First, download the app using the links above.
  • After downloading, go to Settings and activate unknown sources.
  • Now install the Google Camera. Google Camera APK
  • Then open the app and allow the app permissions if necessary.
  • That's all.

Note: Before installing the new Gcam Mod application, you must remove the old version (if you installed it). This is not a stable version of Google Camera, so errors can occur.

Finished. Take vivid and stunning photos straight from your OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.