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Anti-Reject Claim Tips, Astra Insurance Public Education

Because of the insurance products that offer protection, not all people fully understand the benefits of insurance

 This prompts the insurance company to offer literacy and training at a seminar in Surabaya, East Java on Tuesday, October 2, 2022. 

 Several media in East Java, especially in Surabaya, participated in a workshop on "Tips to Avoid Rejection - Worry Less, More Peace". Asuransi Astra branch manager 

 Andi Victory Bangun said it is important to involve various parties, including Asuransi Astra, to provide insurance literacy and education to the public. 

 "For people to choose the right vehicle insurance," he continued. 

 Andi continued to talk in the workshop that vehicle insurance is considered an important part of financial planning.

"Moreover, with the increasing importance of vehicle functions for the community, starting from supporting mobility and even increasing people's income," Andi said.

"In this case, it is necessary to anticipate and protect the vehicle assets owned to prevent major financial losses," he said.

"Vehicle insurance provides protection for motorized vehicles against various types of risks that can be avoided such as collisions and collisions to unavoidable risks such as natural disasters, riots, third party responsibilities through extended coverage," he said.

According to Andi, to get vehicle insurance that meets all needs, policyholders must ensure the type of insurance they choose and review their insurance policies.

"Such as any risks that are guaranteed in the policy, excluded from the policy, as well as other binding agreements between the insurer and the insured regarding the insured vehicle," he said.

"Usually, policy owners do not pay attention to the type of vehicle use so that the risks are not guaranteed and excluded, resulting in the submission of claims being rejected," he explained.

Basically, vehicle insurance has two types of vehicle use that must be known, namely personal use and commercial use.

Personal use is the use of motorized vehicles for personal/service purposes such as driving with family and driving when going to the office and is not used to get remuneration or money.

On the other hand, commercial use is the use of motorized vehicles to be rented out or to receive remuneration/money such as being rented or rented, for shuttle travel, for online taxis, and others.

Furthermore, the exclusion of insurance policies is all risks of loss, damage, costs for Motor Vehicles and/or legal liability to third parties, which are not guaranteed by insurance or insurers in PSAKBI.

Therefore, any risks that are excluded in the insurance policy cannot be claimed by the insured without exception.

Some of the risks that are excluded in the insurance policy quoted from PSAKBI include not covering loss or damage to the vehicle caused when it is used to pull or push another vehicle or object, used for parades and races, embezzlement and hypnosis, overloading, not having a driver's license or driving license. expired, and things that violate traffic rules.***