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Don't, 4 big women's lies that men need to understand, hide hypergamy

A number of women's lies that must be understood, meaning that men do not waste their time.

A common  lie  women tell their partners. Because "time is money", which is actually more valuable than just money, don't let women control your time, who complicate your life. 

 Here are women's lies that men need to know so they don't get too busy:

1.'I haven't read your chat' or 'I haven't had time to meet up'. Sometimes that's a ploy or a hint or it makes you crave more.

The real meaning of the girl looking at you is not the main priority for her, Almost every minute a girl checks her cellphone, it's impossible for a girl not to see or read the chat.


2 'You're too good for me' or 'I'm more comfortable just being friends' Magic words that girls often use to reject or end their love relationship.

Actually the subtle language means 'sorry you're not cool enough to be my girlfriend'. If there's a girl like this, stop paying attention anymore.

3 'appearance, money, status don't matter to me' One of the favorite lies of girls which is often used as an image technique so as not to appear materialistic.

In the theory of 'hypergamy', the term in social science as the act of marrying or marrying someone with a higher social status or level than oneself.

Girls always consider three aspects when selecting a partner.

Girls will not be able to partner with men who are inferior if their wealth, physique, and status are superior to her, or at least one or more of these 3 aspects are better than women.

4 'I cheated without using my heart, how come I still love you so much' It is impossible for a girl to cheat if her heart is not touched unless she is open BO.

The main trigger for cheating girls is dissatisfaction with their partner, wanting variety in life to be comfortable, or special circumstances such as vacations or hangouts away from their partners.

It's better to move on because it will be an obstacle in the future, don't waste time on girls.

Give your time, energy and attention to people who deserve it.