Google Camera Go has a night model feature for shooting in low light conditions

Google Camera Go is back with a new feature called Night Model. It is convenient for taking pictures at night...

Features of the Google Camera Go Night model

Google Camera Go is back with a new feature called Night Model. This is useful for shooting at night in low light conditions. By using this Google Camera Go, you will create more beautiful and attractive photos.


Google Camera Go was introduced deliberately for entry-level phones with various AI improvements. With night model low light function, this can directly improve the quality of photos taken by low-end cameras.

Features of the Google Camera Go Night model

Released at the same time as Nokia 1.3, Google Camera Go is pre-installed and implemented as the default camera app. It gives the smallest feel of the full Google Camera app, but for those whose devices are considered entry-level.

The Night Sight Pixel model has long been recognized as one of the best models for mobile low-light photography. So if you add the night model to Google Camera Go, you'll have a slight advantage when taking photos in low light without having to use a camera flash.

The steps are very simple, you just need to press the shutter button on the camera. Therefore "it will automatically acquire the target in unison and combine them to produce a brighter shot". Also, you don't need to change or adjust camera settings when using this template.

Identical to quote from Camera Go users can now take higher quality photos. Of course, with happier and appropriate colors even in a very dimly lit environment. Like in a dimly lit room or outdoors at night. google camera malam  jadi terang, google camera (gcam), open google camera, google camera mod, google camera apk, download google camera terbaru 2021, kamera malam apk, google camera celso, kamera malam jadi terang