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Online Degree University Canada West (UCW) campus review

Online Degree University Canada West 

Study cheaply in Canada? Let's just go to the University of Canada West!

Along with the US and UK, Canada is a popular country to study abroad. Canada is not only known for its quality education but also one of the most liveable countries. Wow! That means they have a conducive environment, adequate facilities and of course security, right? Correctly! Then what universities are there in Canada? This time Vista Education will be talking about the University of Canada West or UCW. let's see together


City centre campus location with attractive buildings

1. West Pender Campus

It is located in The London Building, a historic office building in downtown Vancouver. There are many large, world-class companies around this campus. Students need not worry if they wish to walk to the campus building as it can be reached by a variety of public transport including the Waterfront Skytrain station and the SeaBus terminal.

2. Vancouver house

In October 2020, University Canada West opened Vancouver House in False Creek. The building is centrally located near Sunset Beach, English Bay and the 17-mile Vancouver Seawall. Because of the spectacular building, University of Canada West received such amazing awards.

This spectacular building has received numerous awards, ranging from Best Tall Building Worldwide by the 18th Annual CTBUH Awards Program to Awarded Future Project of the Year 2015 by the World Architecture Festival Awards. Wow, who wouldn't want to study in a place where architecture is admired a lot?

Specifically for business majors, University Canada West offers an MBA-ACCA path and a graduate-level MBA foundation program. There is also a Master of Business Administration program that can be completed within 2 years.

During the undergraduate level, this campus offers a bachelor's program with studies in commerce and arts in business communication, which can be completed in 4 years. And the Associate of Arts program, has a study duration of only 2 years. If you are interested in enrolling in UCW, you can also take the online MBA program, which takes up to 4 years to complete. In addition, UCW has quality-tested online programs. The online bachelor of commerce and the online bachelor of arts in business communication are available as majors


Complete facilities for students

University Canada West offers many facilities such as the Fresh Street Market, London Drugs, Spinning Chandelier, restaurants and cafes, libraries, shops, food trucks and craft fairs.

If you're not feeling well, there are malls, gyms, shops, entertainment venues, and restaurants around the campus.

Easy transportation to campus

Students can reach the campus by public transport. In fact, the UCW campus is also close to Vancouver International Airport. For other options, you can walk, bike, take an express bus, or use an electric vehicle (carpool).

Cheap tuition and you can get a scholarship

Did you know that the University of Canada West tuition costs are quite affordable? For the bachelor's degree (bachelor's degree) with a training period of 4 years, the students only have to pay a total fee of CAD 69,600 or the equivalent of IDR 799.3 million. So when the details are done, you will pay around IDR 200 million per year.

In addition, there is also an Associate of Arts program that requires a total cost of CAD 35,100 or the equivalent of IDR 403 million. In other locations, the annual fee is double the University Canada West annual tuition fee.

Still not cheap enough? You can join the partial to a full scholarship program for Southeast Asia. There is also a partial scholarship to the Academic Excellence program with qualifications capable of maintaining a GPA greater than 2.67 for undergraduates and a GPA of 3.0 for postgraduates.

Don't worry about studying at University of Canada West. You get easy transportation, a study in a beautiful and cool building, and have low tuition fees.

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