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How to Make a Cheap Vultr VPS | Free $100 a Month

How to Make a Cheap Vultr VPS | Free $100 a Month

This time I will share how to make a cheap Vultr VPS with a Singapore server which is generally used for Indonesian language web hosting and you will get free $ 100 a month if you deploy with only a minimum of $ 10 dollars.

Of course it's very interesting isn't it, if you want to find out more about how to buy Vultr so that you can use it to host your domain. Using a VPS is highly recommended by many experts if you want to create a professional website.

Because with a VPS, it's like you have rented your own house, not mixing with other people like you are using shared hosting, which has many limitations.

Previously, I shared my experience on how to buy a vps contabo germany and reviews about it. and this time I will share my experience using Vultr VPS, which in my opinion is the best VPS I have ever tried.

Because so far I haven't had any problems so far. and I haven't thought about other servers yet, I don't know if I will think about it later. Maybe this tutorial is indeed suitable for beginners who want to switch from shared hosting to VPS.

How to make a cheap Vultr VPS Singapore server

Before you buy a VPS server, you must first register on the official website, namely the method is also very easy, if I don't explain this trivial matter, of course you as a blogger can do it, if not, it can be very outrageous hehehe.

Previously you could top up your Vultr balance using paypal. well here the key is you will get an additional Vultr balance of $100, after you fill in at least $35 dollars via my affiliate link, namely if you do not use my affiliate link , you will not get a balance of $ 100 , of course it would be a shame not you if you miss this promo while it lasts .

And this balance is free to use for a month to deploy the server as you like. suitable for learning VPS settings, if it doesn't match you can destroy the server, and build it again. and the delicious thing is that this vultr cuts according to what you use. For example, you deploy a server for $ 5, then some time it only runs out $ 0.5 then you destroy the server, your balance quota is only cut by $ 0.5, not $ 5. of course delicious isn't it. and we don't have much to lose, of course.

The steps for how to make the latest cheap Singapore Vulltr VPS are as follows:

1. Please login to the official website first and just click on the product on the left of the site, then on the right, please click the + sign, and select add deploy nameserver. please see the picture below.

Next, you will be taken to the server selection page, there are 4 types of vps that you can choose from, namely cloud compute, high frequency, bare metal and dedicated cloud. for beginners, it's best to use the bottom one, namely cloud computing with the cheapest price compared to other types. please just click on the cloud compute logo that appears, please see the picture.

If so , you are now selecting a server region/server location. because the best blog for Indonesian is the closest server to our country, namely Singapore. but some think that you can choose any server because the technology is also very sophisticated, but for me I still tend to choose the one closest to the target country. please click server location singapore , please see image below for more details .

Next, the way to make a cheap Vultr VPS is to choose the operating system that is used. You can choose Debian, CentOS, or Ubuntu, which are commonly used by people. it's better to use ubuntu OS, it's up to you whether you want 18.04 or 20.04 x 64 . if I myself choose 18.04 x 64 bit because there are many tutorials that discuss it on the internet. please just click on ubuntu 18.04. view image

Then go to the server size section, and just choose the smallest for only $ 5. with the specifications of 1 CPU with a size of 25 GB SSD, actually, there used to be a price of only $ 2.5, but now there isn't, of course, sometimes there are promos, sometimes they aren't. That quota alone is very qualified for a new website, which may still visit around 3 thousand – 5 thousand per day or more.

The next step, how to make a cheap Vultr VPS server for Singapore, is the additional features section. please leave it blank if you are not familiar with these features. for the name hostname please fill in accordance with your wishes. if so, please click deploy new in the bottom corner of the page, please see the image below for more details.

Wait a while, maybe around 10-15 minutes, your server is being prepared. if later the status is running, that means the server is ready to use.

Furthermore, for Windows users, you can access the instance that you bought, using the ssh protocol: PuTTY or Xshell. whereas if you use Linux / macOS you can use the terminal.

Please save the username and password for the VPS instance that you created along with the SERVER IP. because you will use it to log in to putty or shell. for a discussion regarding using the putty or shell ssh protocol and also installing the control panel, I will discuss it in the next article post.

I myself, for the problem of VPS settings, submitted them to the owner of the VPS settings, uncle Hardinal. Because for 4 years of using his settings, especially VPS without panels, it has been satisfying and there have never been any problems. and the support has been great so far.


That's all, friends, regarding the tutorial on how to make a cheap Vultr VPS, I have explained it completely with pictures as support so that it is easy to understand. maybe that's all, if this tutorial is useful, please share it with your friends who want to switch to VPS Vultr. thanks