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Are graduate campuses/cost-free institutions such as the University of the People identified?

Formerly, I desired to assist clear up, whether a university/college is identified or otherwise, not since it's totally complimentary or otherwise, however, due to its accreditation.

Currently, regarding accreditation, it is a great idea to inspect initially in the United States, which is the location of origin of the university. For a listing, inspect Wikipedia. Higher education accreditation in the United States

It turns out that in the US there are many campus accrediting bodies, but each has a different credibility. For UoPeople it turns out:

So, basically, with the approval of BPPE, it states that the campus meets the "minimum standards established by the Bureau for integrity, financial stability, and educational quality."

With DEAC accreditation, this campus has been recognized but is still limited, and not as flexible as campuses with RA/NA accreditation.

Approved with Accredited is different, don't get me wrong :)

Then, what about his recognition in Indonesia?

All valid diplomas according to their origin, must be valid throughout the world. But the acceptance of the validity of the diploma is another matter, to check the validity in Indonesia in the interest of further study to a higher level, for example, we can refer to the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education.

It turns out that on the link, UoPeople has not been listed, meaning that no one has equalized a diploma from the campus.

In the end, depending on your goals, why would you want to join UoPeople?

UoPeople Scholarship (S1, S2) Business, Computer, Health

Dizzy thinking about the increasingly expensive tuition fees? This is a solution offered by the University of The People (UoPeople). This accredited online university in America provides free tuition for a number of online-based study programs. These include business administration, computer science, and health studies. UoPeople opens this opportunity to applicants from all over the world, including Indonesia.

The available levels for the three majors are S1 and associate degrees (equivalent to D2). Meanwhile, for Masters, only the MBA program is available. Like lectures in general, UoPeople also provides lecture materials by lecturers and exams after attending lectures. The difference is because UoPeople is based online, lectures can be followed anywhere with internet access.

The duration of education is the same as regular education. Degrees issued by UoPeople are also recognized. In fact, you could say it's pretty good. Because UoPeople is managed jointly by the world's leading universities, such as Yale University, the University of Oxford, UC Berkeley, New York University, and Columbia University. UoPeople itself is a non-profit organization whose initial goal is to reach people from all over the world to get higher education. They do not charge tuition fees and lecture materials.

The only cost that applicants need to pay is an application process fee of $60, and a fee each time to take an exam is $100 for an undergraduate program per course. For the master's program, the exam fee is $200 per course. However, if applicants are experiencing financial constraints, they can apply to a number of scholarship programs offered by UoPeople to fund these costs.

The scholarship programs offered by UoPeople include:

Foundation Hoffmann Scholarship, this scholarship is funded by the Hoffmann Foundation for all applicants who take an associate degree and can only afford to partially pay the examination fees. Recipients of this scholarship will receive a scholarship for 10 times the examination fee.

Hewlett Packard Scholarships & Mentoring, these scholarships are provided by Hewlett Packard (HP) to all female applicants at UoPeople who are pursuing an associate degree. Scholarships are awarded for two years and are made available to 100 shortlisted candidates. Selected applicants will also receive direct mentoring from HP employees.

Rabinovich & Roye Scholarship, this scholarship is intended for applicants who are pursuing an undergraduate degree at UoPeople. Scholarships are awarded to fund 10 times the exam fees at UoPeople.

Hagit & Oren Zeev Scholarship, this scholarship is funded by the Hagit and Oren Zeev Scholarship Fund. This scholarship provides a fee for 10 examinations and is open to all applicants pursuing an associate degree.

University Scholarships, these scholarships are provided directly by UoPeople and are intended for all applicants who need financial support. This scholarship comes from donations received by UoPeople.


  1. Aged 16 years or older
  2. Have completed high school education
  3. Prior to being accepted into the degree program, applicants must have completed the UoPeople foundation course
  4. Have the ability to speak English (PBT TOEFL 500, iBT TOEFL 61, IELTS 6.0, PTE 44). For MBA PBT TOEFL 530, iBT TOEFL 71, IELTS 6.5, or PTE 50)
  5. For the MBA program, applicants are undergraduate graduates from accredited universities with a minimum GPA of 2.5, have a minimum of 2 years of work experience, and include a letter of recommendation.


Candidates could straight sign up with the UoPeople web page on-line. Later on, if approved at UoPeople, you'll be provided the option or choice to use for a scholarship. Enrollment is open up throughout the year with 5 enrollment durations. The due date for duration IV finishes on February 28, 2019, for talks beginning on April 11, 2019. After that the due date for duration V finishes on Might 9, 2019, for talks beginning on June 20, 2019. Notice of choice is informed to every candidate after the due date duration finishes. In the exact very same month or the following month.