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How to enable fingerprint sensor and face unlock in Realme 5

How to enable fingerprint sensor and face unlock in Realme 5 , Two commonly used security features These two functions have become mandatory and general provisions even for entry-level smartphones. With the fingerprint sensor and face scanner, users can lock the device, lock the app, and perform payment and bank authentication. Both functions are provided in Realme 5 but are always inactive by default. You have to activate one or both. Steps to activate the fingerprint sensor Open the Settings menu and then tap Fingerprint, Face, and Password. Then tap Fingerprint. Then tap Add fingerprint. Before you start inserting your fingerprint, your phone will first ask you to enter your master PIN. I'm not showing because the system doesn't allow screenshots of these steps. After creating the master PIN code, insert the fingerprint several times by gluing and lifting the fingerprint several times until the system displays a successful notification. If