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Download Google Camera Oppo Find X2, X2 Lite, and X2 Pro

The Mandarin mobile phone brand name Oppo is actually understood for providing the very best video cam mobile phones on the marketplace. As well as the company's most recent front runner mobile phone does not vary a lot coming from the phones it presented previously. The brand-brand new Oppo Discover X2 Professional includes a 48-megapixel triple-lens video cam as well as a 32-megapixel selfie snapper. If you such as taking pictures as well as purchased the Oppo Discover X2 Professional due to its own video cam. After that you can easily download and install Google Camera for Oppo Discover X2, Discover X2 Lite, as well as Discover X2 Professional right below, which enables you towards squeeze much a lot extra information compared to along with the requirement video cam application. Google Camera for Oppo Discover X2 Professional [GCam 7.3] Google Camera for Oppo Discover X2 Professional Oppo Discover X2 & X2 Professional is actually utilized on a triple-lens video cam o

Download Google Camera 7.3 for Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A

Final month, the Oppo spin-off Realme revealed a brand-new collection of mobile phones referred to as Narzo. The brand-brand new Narzo variety blows up along with 2 inexpensive mobile phones - Realme Narzo 10 as well as Narzo 10A. Nevertheless, both phones are actually secondhand, as the business has actually currently introduced each phones outdoors India as Realme 6i (nickname Narzo 10) as well as Realme C3 (Realme Narzo 10A along with setup) (3 video cams). As well as the video cam is among the primary titles of both Narzo phones that fire GCAM You can easily additional enhance the picture high top premium through downloading and install Google Camera on Realme Narzo 10 as well as Narzo 10A. In regards to optics, the brand-brand new Realme Narzo 10 provides a quad-camera configuration along with a 48-megapixel primary sensing unit as well as an 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lense. While the less expensive Narzo 10A includes a tri-camera configuration along with a 12-megapixel prima

Download GCam 7.3 for Oppo F15

How to Install GCAM 7 Pixel 4 on All of Androids A couple of months back, Oppo introduced the follower of Oppo F11, the brand-brand new one is actually referred to as Oppo F15. Among the piece de resistances of every Oppo mobile phone is actually its own video cam, as well as Oppo's brand-brand new F15 has actually a quad-camera configuration that's far better compared to its own precursor. Nevertheless, it is actually still certainly not just comparable to its own competitor gadgets such as Realme X2 or even Redmi K20. Nevertheless, you can easily provide an increase through launching the pixel video cam request (GCam 7.3) on your Oppo F15 coming from the edge. Right below you can easily download and install the Video cam for Oppo F15. Google Camera for Oppo F15 (GCam 7.3) Google camera for Oppo F15 As currently discussed, the Oppo F15 has actually a quad-camera configuration along with a 48-megapixel primary video cam. It likewise has actually an 8MP ul

Download Best GCam 7.4 Nokia 5.3

Nokia 5.3 is one of the best camera-centered smartphones of 2020 in the middle price segment. This is a continuation of the Nokia 5.1. The Nokia 5.3 conquers the smartphone market with a quad-camera setup, while its predecessor only has a camera lens with a lens on the back. The smartphone is based on a 13-megapixel main camera sensor. HMD Global also offers the standard camera app with numerous useful functions. However, if you want to take stunning pictures, you can try the GCam app. You can download Google Camera for Nokia 5.3 here. Google Camera for Nokia 5.3 (GCam 7.4) By default, Nokia 5.3 has a built-in night mode feature in the camera app that does post-processing that brightens the image. The improved stock camera app also captures better pictures in daylight. However, thanks to Google’s computer photography, the Google Camera app makes a big difference. We found a GCam port that works well on the Nokia 5.3 and takes some amazing pictures under almost all conditions

Download GCam 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy M21

One of the main draws of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy M21 is its camera. It is worth installing GCam (from pixel 4) on it to improve the performance of the camera. In terms of optics, the Galaxy M21 offers a 20-megapixel selfie and a sophisticated triple-lens camera setup on the rear. And one of the best things about the device is the availability of the Camera2 API, which allows us to load the Google Camera app from the page. You can download the Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy M21 here. Google Camera 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy M21 (Best GCam) Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy M21 The Samsung Galaxy M21 is by far the best camera smartphone in its price segment. In addition to the 8-megapixel wide-angle lens and the 5-megapixel depth sensor, the smartphone offers a standard 48-megapixel camera lens. The standard camera app offers some useful functions including super-stable video recording, dedicated night mode, and many more. The device takes the best photos in dayligh

 Download Google Camera 7.4 for Motorola One Fusion - Fusion Plus

The Google Camera Mod for Motorola One Fusion Plus is now available for download. Motorola One Fusion + is one of the best camera smartphones available in the mid-price segment. Motorola pushes the smartphone with a quad-camera configuration connected to the motorized pop-up camera selfie. However, One Fusion and Fusion Plus capture decent photos with the standard camera app. However, you can improve the overall quality of the image by loading the GCam port (Google Camera 7.4 Mod Port) onto it. And fortunately, here is the download link for the Motorola One Fusion Plus Google camera. Google Camera for Motorola One Fusion Plus Motorola One Fusion - Fusion Plus has expanded the market to Android 10 with standard Android. However, the company has optimized the standard camera app with the Motorola's own camera app. He only takes decent authentic photos in low light, but sometimes the application overexposes the highlights. Google's optimized GCam (also known as the P

Download GCam Samsung Galaxy A31 and A41 [GCam 7.4]

The A-series phones are one of Samsung's best-selling mid-range phones. And the newly launched Galaxy A31 and A41 capture some truly awesome photos from its camera module. Both phones are paired with the MediaTek Helio P65 SoC. However, the camera is one of the main titles of the Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A41. Fortunately, Samsung A31 and A41 users can download the third-party camera app - GCam (also known as Pixel Camera App) - from the site to improve overall picture and video quality. You can download the Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy A31 and Samsung Galaxy A41 here. Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy A31 and A41 [GCam 7.3] Before we dive into the download area, let's take a look at what Samsung has to offer on the devices listed above. Samsung offers a three-lens camera setup in the Galaxy A41, with a 48-megapixel Quad Bayer main sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. While the Galaxy A31 brother comes equipped with a quad-ca