How to overcome Google AdSense identity verification error

How to overcome Google AdSense identity verification error

Tips for Overcoming AdSense Identity Verification Failure (Submit KTP)

This time, I want to share my experience with other publishers (publishers) on how to deal with the failure of Google AdSense identity verification.

I have voluntarily written this article so that they can resubmit their identity cards (KTP / SIM / Passport) previously rejected by Google AdSense so that the confirmation button does not reappear.

As mentioned by Google AdSense, they limit the number of verification efforts to avoid abuse.

This means that we only have a few options to verify identity (submit an identification).

Google AdSense also does not indicate how often the review effort can be made.

If you only want to complete a review, you must use an identifier that meets the requirements of Google AdSense.

Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the procedures before trying to verify your identity using one of your identifiers.

Regarding the terms of the document that was received by Google AdSense, I already wrote in the article "How to verify the identity of Google AdSense so that it is not rejected".

"... don't be lazy to read because you read a lot, you know?"

This allowed me to write articles like this because I tried to help a friend a few days ago who did not verify the identity of Google AdSense.

The reason is that the e-KTP it uses is no longer valid or has expired.

Although Google AdSense said very clearly:

"To complete this review, you must submit a photo of an official ID that is accompanied by a photo and is still valid. The name of your payment profile must match the name on the ID. "

If this failed repeatedly, the effort to continue the Google AdSense review was stopped by removing the "Check" button.

How can I successfully save my friend from his troubles?

Proceed as follows:

How to fix Google AdSense identity verification failure
First log into your Google AdSense account, then click on the red bar for more information.

See the picture below!

You will then be redirected to the AdSense help page.

If the page is in English, first change it to Indonesian at the bottom of the page.

Then find and click on the convenience store identity verification.

Then answer some of the questions posed by Google in the image below.

Third, the text will appear as shown below after correctly answering all of Google's questions.

Then click on the form.

Fourth, you must enter all the data requested by Google, for example For example, the publisher ID, full name and the reason why you have not verified your identity.

Give reasonable reasons in point 3. Examples of reasons I gave on behalf of my friend.

"I was unable to verify my identity because the ID I used has expired. I have been negligent and have already verified without prior verification. I would like to recheck the ID that I updated so that you can redeploy Google AdSense ads. "

IMPORTANT: write down your reasons for using English when the form is written in English.

When you have entered all of the requested data, click the Submit button.

Google AdSense will send a message to your email address in a few minutes.

The message was sent that they would investigate the problem first.

Then wait in a few hours.

If the information you provide is valid, the call you submit will be accepted and notified by email.

You can therefore go back to verify your identity.

IMPORTANT: The cause of the error is different for each check. I cannot guarantee that you can check again after following this tutorial.

If you receive a rejection email, I recommend that you resend it for a different reason.

This is how I did it more or less when I saved my friend from the uproar of not verifying the identity of Google AdSense.

If you don't understand anything in this tutorial, please leave a question in the comments column.

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